Interactive Timeline on Climate Change Policy

In the summer of 2022, Leif Fredrickson’s Environmental History class helped build an interactive timeline about the history of climate change policy at the Environmental Protection Agency. The timeline was part of a digital public history project called A People’s EPA, which Fredrickson is the co-creator and curator of. A People’s EPA seeks to make the history of the EPA more understandable and to provide resources for exploring the agencies history, including interactive tools and oral histories. Fredrickson’s class researched the history of climate change science and policy at the EPA since its creation in 1970, as well as some of the history that preceded the agency’s creation. Students put their research into shared google documents and then used TimelineJS to create an interactive timeline to tell this history in an engaging way. Click on this link (Climate Change and the EPA) to view the timeline and see the students who worked on this project!